Emily Sipp » Mrs. Sipp- Patton Junior High School Art Teacher (6th-9th grade)

Mrs. Sipp- Patton Junior High School Art Teacher (6th-9th grade)

Patton Junior High School - Art Syllabus


Welcome to Art Class with Mrs. Sipp

Art Class description:  You will be using different Art materials to create several Art Projects.  You will be learning about Art techniques and materials, Art appreciation, Art history, Problems solving, Thinking creatively, and talking and writing about Art.

Grades: Based on a 100% scale with the categories:

  1. In-class practice works/Sketches and Art Projects- 60%
  2. Assignments (Sketchbook, Worksheets, Presentations)- 15%
  3. Critique (Self-reflection, Artist statement, feedback)- 15%
  4. Growth (Improvement/Engagement) 10%

To earn Participation Points:  You need to work hard everyday, stay on task, help each other, and clean up.  You will lose points by being tardy with no excuse, being off task, being disruptive, not cleaning, or breaking classroom rules.

How is Artwork Graded?

  1. Creativity
  2. Craftsmanship (Neat/Clean)
  3. Criteria (Follow Directions)
  4. Composition (Layout/Sketches)
  5. Growth and Participation (Effort)

Classroom Rules: (Tiger ROAR)

 (R)espectful (O)n-task (A)wesome Attitude (R)esponsible


I look forward to a great school year with you,


 Mrs. Sipp



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Emily Sipp
Art Teacher
Welcome to my Art page for Patton Junior High School! 
I am glad to be a part of the Patton team and get the great opportunity to teach Art to 6th grade to 9th grade students.  This will be my 13th year of teaching Art. 
I am originally from Chillicothe, MO.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching + 60 graduate hours and I am certified PreK-12th Grade Art in KS, MO, and TX. 
I have been creating Art since I could hold a crayon and still make Art daily. 
I am also glad to be the Art Teacher at Patton and teach the students of all the Soldiers and families that serve our country.  With my husband being a Veteran, we have been to Fort Riley, KS, Whiteman Air Force Base, MO, and Fort Hood, TX. 
I look forward to a great experience teaching my students how Art can help them be expressive and a well-rounded person.
I enjoy making Art and being in Art Shows and Exhibitions, singing and writing music, acting, nature, fitness, 4- wheeling, building and owning classic cars with my husband, family, and dogs/animals!