Patton Junior High School

Lori Wilcox

My name is Lori Wilcox. This is my 15th year at Patton Jr. High and also my 15th year of teaching. I graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos, Texas, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with a History Major. I received a Master's Degree in Education from National Louis University while living in Germany.
My husband retired from the Army in 2005 after 25 years of service. We have lived in many different locations, including Vienna, Austria. We have three children, two of whom are Patton graduates. I bring to my classroom the love of social studies that I acquired as a teenager following my first trip to Berlin, Germany. Included with my love of social studies, is my excitement of being able to teach and share my knowledge and insights with an age group that I truly enjoy.


Recent Posts

Ch.13 Test and Review

The Ch.13 Review is scheduled for Tuesday, 26 February.  The Test will be the next day, Wednesday.  I am attaching a review sheet for the test.  I will hand out a hard copy to the students tomorrow.  They need to review the 3-page Packets, the Reading Checks and the textbook.  The will have everything, except the Ch.13.4 Reading Check, tomorrow.  I was not in school today so I have not had a chance to grade and correct them.  They will get it back first thing on Monday.  

"The Pesidents"  DVD worksheet quiz is scheduled for this Friday.  The video and worksheet covered 5 US Presidents (Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan).  There will be 10 questions on the quiz.  Attached is the worksheet with answers. The students were told which questions/answers to focus on.  I will list the numbers here:
Polk - 3,5,6,7
Taylor - 4 thru 9
Fillmore - 4,5,6
Pierce - 3,4,5,6
Buchanan - 2,4,5

Ch.12 Test - Rescheduled

Due to yesterday’s snow day, the Ch.12 Test has been rescheduled for this coming Monday.  The review will be tomorrow! :)

Ch.12 Test - Manifest Destiny

The Ch.12 Test - Manifest Destiny, is scheduled for Friday, 25 January.  We will review  on Thursday.  I handed out the Ch.12 Study Guide to the students today.  I will also attach the guide to this annoncement.  The students need to review their 4 Reading Checks, The 4 3-page Packets and the chapter.  

Ch.10 & Ch.11 Test 2018

We will review for the Ch.10 & Ch.11 Test on Wednesday of next week.  The test is scheduled for Thursday, 13 December.  I have attached a study guide.  I will review the study gude with the students on Friday.  I am losing 2 days of instruction this week due to no school tomorrow and STAR testing onThursday.  That is why I am not handing out the study guide until Friday.  I have stressed that the studying needs to start right away. 

"Presidents Quiz" (Monroe, JQ Adams and Jackson)

There will be a quiz on Friday over the "Presidents" DVD worksheet.  The quiz will cover the presidencies of James Monroe, JQ Adams and Andrew Jackson.  We completed the video and worksheet together last week.  The students were told that the quiz would be scheduled for this Friday.  The worksheet and answers will be attached to this announcement.  I will give them about 5 minutes on Friday to review with a partner.

"Mills Time" DVD Worksheet Quiz

The "Mills Time" DVD worksheet quiz is scheduled for this Thursday.  We watched the DVD over several class periods.  The worksheet contains 14 questions.  We stopped and answered all the questions together, as a class. The worksheet is attached.  We will have a quick review tomorrow and again, right before I hand out the quiz.