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Rick Funk

Hi! I'm Mr. Funk, you know, the Dome Guy! I am the Educational Theater Instructor for Fort Leavenworth Schools. I have 28 years of experience teaching Biology, Earth & Space Science, Science 8, Science 7 and running the Educational Theater (planetarium at Bradley Elementary) all here at USD #207.  I also coach girls volleyball, girls basketball and track at Patton as well.
Because of the virus, I am back at Patton to teach three class periods of Biology and one period of Science 8.  The remainder of the day I will be at Bradley Elementary.  The best way to contact me would be to use my email given below.



You can use these questions throughout the chapter to help prepare for the mini assessments and chapter test.  You can take these questions as many times as you would like.  Use a valid email address and I will email you your results.