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First Day of Tryouts

Volleyball is a “cut” sport. Follow Military Compact in regards to students moving into USD207 be allowed to try out for existing teams. Main team initial tryouts will be limited to 12-14 and then 2 additional spots available for incoming students for a tryout that must be within the first week they enter school. Providing there are no incoming students trying out, the team will remain at 12-14.


Shorts, T-Shirts, White Socks, and Court Shoes (No Jewelry), no Tank tops or short shorts.


Before being allowed to tryout:

Have a physical on file in the Patton Office. The physical must be filled out on the KSHSAA Physical Form. Don't forget to complete the back and sign it. NO ATHLETE MAY PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A PHYSICAL ON FILE.

Player and Parent/Guardian: Read and Sign the following forms:

  1. Concussion/Head Injury Policy
  2. Chemical Use Policy
  3. Volleyball Rules and Responsibilities
  4. Emergency Information Form"


Patton Tigers Volleyball



  1. All players are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on Patton Junior High. Any behavior that reflects negatively on the school, students, team, coaches, or a player, will jeopardize that person's status on the team.
  1. Players must have all paperwork on file to participate. This includes:
  • A completed physical form signed by a doctor and parent on file in the school office prior to the start of practice;
  • A signed and completed Emergency Medical Information Form;
  • A signed Concussion Release Form
  • A signed and completed Team Rules/Chemical Substance Policy form (found on the reverse side of the Emergency Medical Release form).

Players may not participate in practice until the physical is on file and the Concussion Release Form is signed, according to Kansas High School Athletic Association rules.

  1. Report all injuries to the coach.

INJURIES: All athletes are covered by insurance, if a military dependent. Out of town the coach will evaluate injuries and, if necessary, medical care will be obtained at the nearest hospital. Parents will absorb any cost for this care. When possible the injured athlete will be transported back to Patton Jr. High.

A medical personnel will check any injury that involves upper torso, including the head, before being moved.

The coach who will determine whether a doctor will be called will check any injury involving limbs.

  1. Players are required by KSHAA to pass at least five full hour classes the previous semester and meet the school eligibility in order to remain eligible for the season. Patton expects all Athletics to pass all classes at all times.
  1. Players are to attend every scheduled practice. If for some reason a player must miss
  2. a practice, they must notify the coach personally in advance of the absence. Practices missed for illness or family related matters are excused with a note from a parent. This insures a player's status on the team, but not a starting position. All other absences are unexcused. Unexcused absences can result in dismissal from the team. In order to participate on a game day, the athlete must be present, at practice or a match the day before that day's competition. This is at the discretion of the coach.

All practices will be everyday after school beginning at 3:10pm (on the court) and ending at 5:00pm (to the locker room).

Any deviation from this will be announced prior to that day's practice if at all possible.

Please be here on time to pick up your athlete. Any athlete left after 5:15 pm will be sent home walking according to your plan.

An athlete must attend school for 1/2 day in order to participate in a match or practice.

  1. Players should be prompt to practice. Staying with a teacher for extra help is encouraged and excused with a note from the teacher. All other tardies will jeopardize a player's status on the team. GETTING HELP FROM A TEACHER: This time must be made up, but will be excused. If at all possible get help during Advisory . Let the coach know ahead of time and bring a note from the teacher when arriving at practice. DETENTIONS: Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner in each of their classes. If a detention (for misbehavior) occurs, the missed time must be made up with additional penalty at the coach’s discretion.
  1. Players are responsible for the care of their uniforms. School uniforms are to be worn for school contests only. Athletes will be expected to dress up on all game days. Team T-shirts may be worn on game days, please dress up.
  1. The school provides transportation to and from games. A parent is permitted to

bring their student home by contacting the coach in advance. In order for someone other than a student's parent to provide transportation, that student's parent must notify the administration in writing in advance of the trip.


  1. Players will be expected to listen when the coach is talking or giving instructions. There is no set amount of playing time for athletes. The coach will determine playing time.   All players are expected to go to the locker room after the match for a post-game talk from the coach. Please respect this by not delaying your athlete from going with the team.
  1. Be sure that all assignments are turned into the teacher before leaving for the game. When the team is dismissed before they have attended each afternoon class, all Assignments are to be turned in before the beginning of fifth hour. If this is not done, he player will not be allowed to make the trip.
  1. All players are expected to show respect, good citizenship, and sportsmanship off as well as on the court.


*No jewelry will be worn during practice or a game.

Shirts will be tucked inside the shorts and the shorts will be worn at the waist during practice and during games. Shoes with lights in the heel are not to be used. All players will be supplied with a locker and lock. The players will be responsible for securing valuables (coats, shoes, ipods, etc.).


  1. The team will be limited to a number of players 12-14, determined by the coach. A cut policy will be implemented to determine the number. The following criteria will be used in determining cuts:
  • Ability to be coached
  • Skill Level: Passing, Setting, Serving, Blocking, Spiking, Reactions, Agility,
    Defensive Ability, and Practice Attendance
  • Record of Detentions.
  • Academic Standing (Eligibility)
  • Attitude
  • Sportsmanship
  • Hustle
  • Team Concept


Return your completed forms to the office or your coach on or before the 1st practice