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After-school athletics are available to all Patton students, grades 7-8-9. Students are expected to conform to certain academic and behavioral guidelines. Some of these guidelines are mandated by Kansas State High School Athletics Association regulations and others are Patton school rules. Parent meetings will be conducted for each sport at the beginning of the sport’s season, at which time all rules, regulations and team practice and game commitments will be enumerated. It is our general policy to allow all students, who have an interest, to play football, wrestling, and track. Volleyball, basketball and cheerleading are limited by schedule and facilities so that coaches will cut squads down to team-size after a few practice sessions.

 In the event that there are not enough students interested in a ninth grade sport, students who are interested will be given information about tryouts at Leavenworth High School, which may allow Ft. Leavenworth students to try out.

Parents, be advised that participating on a Patton athletic team requires a serious time commitment and that athletes are not given any extra time to complete regular classroom academic assignments.

Fall Programs:

Volleyball, Cross Country & Football

Volleyball, Cross Country and football teams are offered at each grade level. The season starts at the beginning of the school year and ends the second week in October.


Winter Programs:  


Teams are organized for each grade level for both boys and girls. The girls’ 7th and 8th grade games are completed before winter holidays and the boys’ games are scheduled following the holiday break. The 9th grade boys’ and girls’ teams start before winter break and continue into February.


Wrestling is provided at all grade levels. The team will begin practice in mid-October and end the season before winter break.


Spring Programs:


Boys’ and girls’ track teams are organized at all grade levels. The season begins in the middle of March and ends the second week in May.


Spring/Fall Programs:


We offer cheerleading and have try-outs in early Fall to accommodate new students. Patton provides cheerleading uniforms and parents are asked to provide shoes, socks, and undergarments. The same rules that apply to membership in other athletic teams (maintaining grades, student behavior, attending practices and games) apply to cheerleaders.



Activity Eligibility

Each student must have a physical examination after May 1 of the current school year. This physical must be on the Kansas State High School Activities Association form, signed by a physician or registered nurse, parent, and student. This document must be on file with our office before a student will be allowed to practice or play. The student must have passed at least five subjects of unit weight (or its equivalency) the previous semester. Any class or combination of classes (such as our “A” Day / “B” Day alternating classes) that meet every day for one class period is considered a unit weight class.



Kevin Wellington

Assistant Principal

Athletic Director