Welcome to Math with Mrs. Faught!!!

I'm Mrs. Faught and I would like to welcome you to the class.
This is my seventh year teaching 8th Grade Math at Patton Jr. High.
I am a graduate of  Wichita State University, earning my Bachelor Degree in the Art of Education, Mathematics.  I have had the opportunity to teach and support teachers from the elementary level to high school geometry and am looking forward to teaching your students this year! 
I continue to be impressed by the educational opportunities offered at Fort Leavenworth and am looking forward to being an integral part of the student successes for which the district is known.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me at the school.  
Communication is a vital piece in the puzzle for student success!
Thank you for your time,
Mrs. Betina Faught


Please make sure your student has access to a SCIENTIFIC Calculator!
They will start using them in September.
We will be covering Rational and Irrational numbers, scientific notation, cubed roots, etc.  While I will teach the students the process and how to find these values with out a calculator, I would like the opportunity to teach the students how to use their calculators efficiently.  The one pictured above is very similar to the calculators students are provided in class.  I am able to check a calculator out to students, they may request one in class, and on the First Week of School Reflection assignment that is due 8-20-21
Thank you for your time and support,
Mrs. Faught

1.2 Classifying Real Numbers Instructional Video

Teacher discussion for lesson 1.2 Classifying Real Numbers.

Mod 1 Lesson 1a

Module 1 Lesson 1 Rational and Irrational Numbers, Video presentation of class notes, what is the Real Number system, how to convert from a fraction to a decimal, and from decimal to fraction. Big take aways, Calculators lie, they round even if the decimal is infinite. Finding the Fraction equivalent to a repeating decimal is possible!

IXL - Kansas eighth-grade math standards

Here is a PDF that should allow students to click on the link to take them to their IXL web pages to practice the math skills that align to their GoMath books.
Looking back through the first 3 quarters, students should be able to pick the topics they need to review the most.
This will increase each students math skills in the areas they most need it.
It is recommended that students strive to score an 80 Smart Score on their assignments, striving for 100 increases student frustration and dislike of the program.  If they miss one question is drops their score drastically.
Please use this as a resource to increase proficiency and skills, again a Smart Score of 80 please.
Thank you
Mrs. Faught

Quiz:Test Corrections

Quiz and Test Correction Procedures and Forms.
Students have one week to complete the corrections and turn them in with the original Quiz/Test. 


-Quiz/Test  Correction Expectations:

  1. Student will do their own work.
  2. Student will correct all missed questions on form provided.
  3. Student will not alter original quiz/test document                                  (don’t change the original answer please)
  4. Student will staple correction sheet to original document prior to turning it in.
  5. Student will sign the bottom of their corrections form stating that they did their own work and that they are finished and proud of the work they’ve completed.
  6. Student may work on corrections during Advisory, Tutoring, or at home.
  7. Student is RESPONSIBLE for turning in the original test and corrections by the given due date to receive credit.  If lost… there is literally nothing more I can do, other than giving the quiz/test again.
  8. Student may be required to complete a mastery proof in order to receive full credit for the assignment.

Our goal in math class is to master the grade level Math Standards given to us by the State of Kansas, the work we do in class, homework, quizzes, tests, and any corrections are steps towards mastery.

Please email Mrs. Faught at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Betina Faught

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  

C.S. Lewis

Tutoring Schedule:
Will be set and communicated weekly through Google Classroom.
Tutoring for the week of August 29th.
Tuesday 3-3:45
Wednesday 3-3:45
In the 8th Grade Pod with Mrs. Faught